Pakefield Wives – who are we?

We are a group of women who meet fortnightly on Wednesdays in Pakefield Church Hall, beginning at 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated, and our aims are:

*  Promoting friendship, support and social activities for women in the local community

*  Raising funds for our three charitable causes for this year –  Waveney Area Community Trust (Dial-a-Ride), East Anglia Air Ambulance and Cancer Research.

All women are welcome (whether or not you are a wife !) and visitors pay £2.00 on the door, so just come along and meet us!


Paul Durbridge was our speaker on the 3rd October, a lifetime visitor to Covehithe. When he visited with his children when they were young, they would go to a small copse to see woodpeckers and where bitterns could be heard. The wooded area is now some way out to sea as much of this coastline has been seriously eroded and is ongoing. Years ago, he was asked to take part in a yearly survey to measure the corrosion of this vulnerable part of the east coast which he illustrated with slides.

However, erosion has revealed artefacts of archaeological interest, some dating back to the medieval period. Paul’s most interesting discovery was a large clay burial pot with bones inside, subsequent research revealed this was probably a child aged about 12 years.

Covehithe originally flourished as a small town, the word ‘hithe’ means small port. The original church, which is mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086, now stands in ruins, thanks in part to Cromwell and his followers, the Puritans, but also because such a large church could not be maintained and was pulled down. In 1672 another church was built within the curtain walls, it still stands and is used today – St Andrews.    

The lagoons were formed by excavation for gravel to build airfields during WW2. Naval guns and pill boxes also formed part of the coastal defence, the remains of which can still be seen.   Marilyn thanked Paul for reminding us of this special place with so much history.  

Seventy–six members and friends enjoyed a tasty afternoon tea and fashion show at Palmers department store on the 17th October. Elizabeth, Gillian and Barbara were joined by ten other models on the catwalk, including two plucky gentlemen, showing the store’s new daytime and evening wear ranges and accessories to their best advantage. £346.50 was raised from ticket sales and   Gaye and Margaret ran a popular raffle which raised a further £148, all of which will be donated to our chosen charities for 2018.

Dates for November meetings: 14th   – ‘Give a Child a Camera’, Julian Claxton.

28th – Pat Challis – Christmas Flower Arranging