Mothers’ Union

Pakefield Church’s Mothers’ Union meets from 2.00 – 3.30pm in the Church Hall on the third Thursday of each month. They are a friendly group of ladies (although men may also join). Some of them run the monthly Teddy Edward Club in church for babies and pre-school children and their parents. They also host and lead the Living for Life course that we run as part of our marriage preparation course. And two of them are the Diocesan organisers of AFIA (Away From It All) holidays for families who need a break but who can’t afford it. 


The meeting after the summer break took place in church on the 20th September and was an opportunity to remind ourselves, if reminder is needed, of the values of Mothers’ Union. The phrase this year is “In the footsteps of Mary Sumner”, the founder of MU. She knew how difficult was the burden of motherhood and organised meetings of mothers in her parish to offer support for one another. This concept gathered momentum and in 1892 there were 60,000 members. Queen Victoria, commemorating her Diamond Jubilee, became patron and set up branches throughout the British Empire and there are now over four million members worldwide.

Our branch continues to raise funds, organises AFIA (Away from it all holidays), members run the Teddy Edward Club every month for children 0-5 and monthly meetings with speakers ensures that our branch keeps in touch to support each other in fellowship. Anne had chosen the familiar bible reading in John 15 – the true vine and its branches and the commandment to love one another.

Prayers were led by Sheila L, Roz and Sue and Anne read a prayer written by Lynne Tembey, the retiring MU Worldwide President, part of which read….thank you lord that in the joyful times we can celebrate together and that in difficult times of our lives we have you and each other to guide, support, encourage and love…

Sharon’s talk was her testimony of how she was called to the ministry, even though at that time she was a midwife and loved her job. She produced a bag full of objects, each with a precious memory and each with a story attached. Members were invited to withdraw an item, one of which was a book with the text of the famous poem “Footprints in the Sand”. This was a coincidence as Anne had cut out a footprint for everyone upon which we were asked to write what makes us proud to be a member and to consider the projects and aims of members nationally or globally. These will be taken to the Festival Service on the 3rd October. Anne thanked Sharon for her very interesting talk and members are hopeful that they can again delve into her bag of memories at some time.

Notices included a note from Anne with a copy of the menu for our meal at Ivy House Hotel on 6th December. Please make your choices and return at our next meeting which is the 18th October – Members Own.

Anne welcomed Jean Lockwood returning to our branch with a short service of commitment and read a letter from former member, Connie Pigg, who has moved away with news of her new home and enclosing a donation for our fund-raising coffee morning, after which it was time for tea and biscuits.