Mothers’ Union

Pakefield Church’s Mothers’ Union meets from 2.00 – 3.30pm in the Church Hall on the third Thursday of each month. They are a friendly group of ladies (although men may also join). Some of them run the monthly Teddy Edward Club in church for babies and pre-school children and their parents. They also host and lead the Living for Life course that we run as part of our marriage preparation course. And two of them are the Diocesan organisers of AFIA (Away From It All) holidays for families who need a break but who can’t afford it. 

October 19 Meeting

The Mothers’ Union Festival Service on the 3rd October was held in Norwich Cathedral entitled – ‘In Mary Sumner’s Footsteps’. The Diocesan President, Marguerite Phillips, welcomed the congregation, the civic dignitaries and invited guests.   The speaker was Worldwide President, Lynn Tembey preaching for the last time as President and also enrolling new members. Although the number of banners diminishes each year, thirty-one were paraded. We pledged ourselves anew to step out in Mary Sumner’s footsteps in our diocese, inspired by Christ to respond where we are called to help. The ways are many as we carry out our tasks and members had written these on a cut-out paper foot, all of which were placed before the altar and will eventually be on display throughout the diocese. As the service was longer than usual due to the enrolments, there was a mad dash for the coach which then took us to Highway Nurseries for lunch and shopping.


Roz prepared the short service for our monthly meeting on the 18th October based on Harvest and later took the opportunity to thank members for supporting The Teddy Edward Club and brought members up to date with the various activities taking place each month.

It was an in-house meeting, that is, we didn’t have a speaker. Sandra B reported on news of AFIA (Away From it All {Holidays}) taking place at half term. Twenty-one families are going to Caister, one to Seashore, where they will holiday in a comfortable, heated caravan and be provided with ‘fun’ passes to swimming pools, rides, entertainment, children’s clubs and so on.

Cue a sort-of beetle drive only with a caravan image. each group tossing dice to complete the objects found on a caravan.   Then there was a quiz about Mary Sumner, our founder, and, finally pass the parcel, each layer revealing a question on a card relating to facts about Mothers’ Union. Lots of rewards of our favourite treats – chocolates, which were shared and member Janet offered chocolates which she was given for a special birthday. We also had chocolate biscuits with our tea/coffee! It’s all good at our monthly meetings, although we don’t often have that much chocolate. Come and find out for yourself, the third Thursday in the month, the next meeting being 15th November “Life of Nelson” with Sue Pearce, 2.00 pm, church hall, you would be very welcome.