Lunch Club

Harvest festival has recently been celebrated and the lines from one hymn ‘all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin’ set me thinking. Our harvest is great news for all but especially vegetarians, whose numbers are on the rise particularly amongst the young – with many vegetables, as well as grains for cereals and flour gathered in and preserved for use during the rest of the year.


However there is also a similar rise in the number of flexitarians. The word first appeared in the 1990’s to describe a flexible vegetarian – these are people who eat mostly vegetarian meals but still occasionally eat meat – really they are part time vegetarians. Some have one meat-free day each week while others have a six-day week of healthy veggie living and then a Sunday roast. Both in their own way supporting the moral and environmental arguments about food consumption.


Maybe some flexitarians could eventually become not only full vegetarian but could consider pescetarianism (only seafood, fish and veg) or veganism (no meat, milk or eggs) !


At Lunch Club we are traditionalists and our senior diners can be assured that no changes in what they are served are planned. They will still have a range of vegetables to accompany their meat, with lashings of gravy, when their meals are served on the third Tuesday of the month – with the next lunch being on October 15 at 12.45pm.