Holiday Club 2017


The club took place from 1st to the 3rd August with between 60 and 65 primary school age children attending (it varied from day to day). We were once again joined with our friends at St. Peter’s Church, Carlton Colville, and had the use of the excellent facilities at Pakefield High School.

This year’s theme was Guardians of Ancora and with the use of crafts, singing, dancing and listening (with a bit of eating and drinking each day) the story unfolded….



…. Ancora was a city built on a hill close to the sea, and in the city is the Hall of Memory which was once filled with wonderful story – treasures, each one of which was a reminder of one of the great stories of the Sage (The Bible).
Some of the ‘Guardians’ arriving….

And booking in to go to Ancora..



The children at the club were called Guardians and their task was to find the lost story-treasures and return them to the Hall of Memory and explore the story that it represents.



The Guardians would discover how each story fits together to reveal more about who Jesus is and how they might develop their own relationship with him.


Each story treasure they found would help light the ‘Spire’ which stands at the summit of the hill and which had grown dim over time with the story treasurers being lost.










And over the course of the holiday club the Spire’s light got brighter and brighter as the power of the story telling fuelled the light of the Spire