Hildesley Court

Hildesley Court is a local Sheltered Housing scheme with flats and bedsits for the over 60’s. A group of our congregation visit their once a month on a Monday morning and lead a short (usually Holy Communion) service for and with the residents.hildesley-court





Our service last month was very quiet. Sadly, many of our faithful little congregation have moved on. Some to meet with their LORD, others to alternative accommodation. It is so sad for us who have brought this little service to Hildesley Court for so many years.


Our service this month was led by Sue. Her theme was the The World Around us. She had adopted a slightly different theme, including a hymn and a reading in each section instead of an opening prayer. We sang the lovely hymn ‘Abba Father’, followed by a reading from Maggie. The hymn ‘ For the beauty of the earth’ followed.


Another reading, this time from Bea entitled ‘Creative Differences’ The lovely ‘Immortal, Invisible’ followed. Communion was with Anne and Bea.


It is with great sadness that we no longer have Reg – one our longest serving members of the team. Reg went to meet with his Lord on the 24th July, he is very sadly missed by all who knew him.


Pam and Norman Best stepped in to complete the service with another reading and the closing prayer. Our final hymn was ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.


Our next service is on September 11th.