The Digest, our Parish magazine, comes out monthly. Here are a couple of articles from May’s edition. To read more, pick up a copy from Church when  you are next there.

Hello, Welcome to the May digest.

It is a beautiful spring morning, the chickens are clucking, the birds singing, the dogs are bounding around the garden, and I have a full day of opportunities ahead of me. May for me, means sumptuous outbursts of nature… the blossom on the trees is spectacular, and will be in full bloom in the next couple of weeks. Flowers and trees are awakening with tiny buds appearing before our very eyes. The flurry of scents wafting by on the breeze, and the gentle warmth of the sun on your face.

To my mind it is no coincidence that this time of year is the time that Jesus ‘awoke’ and rose again from the claws of death. It is easy to think that the trees are lifeless during the winter months, and you wait patiently for them to show signs of life. For Jesus friends they had seen with their own eyes the resurrected Jesus, although they did not recognise him instantly. How many times do we look back on a scenario and see it as a blessing, yet at the time we were blind to it? Once we open our eyes, and awaken our perceptions, we can anticipate our blessings with a renewed faith. Knowing that Jesus walks with us and blesses us. After the disciples recognised Jesus, they waited patiently for him to come to them again, as he did many times in the 40 days after Easter Sunday.

The excitement of those days must have been awesome! How thankful I am that people felt compelled to capture it in writing, that still offers us hope and guidance over 2000 years later. It is easy to let life pass us by, longing for such an encounter, eagerly waiting for that moment when Jesus taps us on the shoulder and says hi! Stop looking and longing, realise that Jesus IS here with us NOW. Don’t go through life looking back and seeing your blessings as Hein site … grab them now, as they happen. Have that assurance that Jesus is walking with you and holding you in times when you need him most.

Have faith that the newness of the seasons and the freshness of the new growth is all in God’s hands. Talk to God, hold him in your heart and offer each day as a gift to him, for you to do his bidding, and bring his love to all who you meet.
God Bless, Katey x

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June has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 40 years in July this year, she has two children and two teenage grandsons. She has worked in elderly care as a manager of a residential home. She was disabled from work in 2018.

June came to the Lord in 2001 when she was feeling redundant as a mother as both children had moved out of home and were making their own lives, she felt her job was done! She needed to find out what the next chapter of life held for her. One Sunday morning she heard the church bells and knew that’s where she needed to be. She was baptised at St. Peter’s and St. John’s, Kirkley in April 2002 and confirmed by Bishop Graham a month later.

Although she at first declined to stand as a warden June spoke with Sandra who explained the role and how lucky we are at Pakefield to have input of support from members of the congregation. She also spoke with her sisters who have both been church wardens in North London. She prayed, in her prayers she heard a voice asking ‘why hasn’t anyone come forward?’ she answered, maybe the Lord was waiting for me to become stronger both physically and mentally so he could get me to focus on this important role within his church. It was at this point she completed the nomination form.

Since becoming warden, she has received positive comments and even more offers of help, June promises to do her very best for the church, and her church family.

Roger moved to Lowestoft four years ago with his wife Gillian, from Blackwood in South Wales. He worked as a HGV class 1 driver for Tesco’s and is now a co-ordinator for Tesco’s retired colleagues for all of Norwich.

Roger joined Pakefield Church three and a half years ago. He has been encouraged by Sandra Sacks to stand as church warden for the past year as she wanted to retire. Roger gave the role much thought and consideration as he has not been involved with a church until they moved to Lowestoft.

He looks forward to this new role in church and aims to do his very best for his church family.