The Digest, our Parish magazine, comes out monthly. Here is the front page from the November 19 edition. Paper copies can be obtained from the Church.

Rev Sharon Lord writes :-


“As we remember those who fought and those who remained anxiously at home in this community, let us pray that God will heal all memories, speak a word of peace, and bring us his healing. Amen”

(prayer from Church of England World War One (WW1) resources)


Remembrance Sunday is very poignant this year, being 100 years after the end of WW1.

For me, it will be a day when I remember that my Grandfather, who as a teenager, witnessed first-hand, war, in his role as a rear gunner. The planes in WW1 were very basic, and I remember the first time I saw the type of plane he flew in at an RAF museum. It suddenly struck me how vulnerable he was in that little tiny aeroplane, and how brave he was. I was shocked to hear of the life expectancy of a rear gunner was 5 missions, so I guess he was amazingly fortunate to survive.


It is important that we remember, not only the sacrifice made by so many, but also all those who supported them, in so many ways.

So, although on the 11th November our focus will be with WW1, we will remember all wars. For all those who have lost their lives, whilst serving their country and we will be praying for peace.


On Sunday 11th November the service of Remembrance starts at 10.30am in church, before moving to the WW1 Memorial at just before 11am.

100 years ago, the church bells rang, and beacons were lit to commemorate the end of WW1,we will be doing the same.

There will be a quiet reflective service of evening prayer at 6.30pm, then the church bells will ring, and we will light the beacon on the cliff at 7pm. Whilst we gather at the beacon, as todays community of Pakefield, we will remind ourselves of the people who lived through WW1 by reading a few of their stories and sing a few songs (until about 7.30pm). The Trowel and Hammer will be serving refreshments afterwards.

(Information can also be found further on in this magazine)


We hope that you will be able to join us in our Remembrance Day as we remember and as we pray for peace.


Blessings Revd Sharon