Teddy Edward Club

………is for Parents/Grandparents or carers with babies and toddlers run by members of our Mothers’ Union Branch at Pakefield. We meet with Teddy Edward on the 1st Wednesday of the month in church, from 1.30-3.00pm. We have a story from the Bible, sing some songs, play with toys and whizz around on the trikes! We enjoy snacks and the adults have a cup of tea or coffee.


It was an unusual and a great adventure when we met at the Rectory on the 10th October instead of in the church as this was needed for something else that day. Thank you Rev.Sharon for letting us use your home. I was there, that’s me, Teddy Edward, along with Little Ted. God knew we were there and would hear our prayers wherever we were. We can talk to him anywhere and any time and He will listen so we had a prayer right there and then!!!
Little Ted wanted everyone to meet a new friend, a little lamb, which had joined Roz’s family and, as you can imagine when you go somewhere for the first time, he was a bit nervous. Little Ted and I showed him around the house but then he slipped out into the garden through an open door and got completely lost. When we realised he wasn’t with us any more we quickly set up a search party but we couldn’t find him. Then we heard a sound, Roz asked the children if they knew what it was…of course, it was baa… (the children decided this was what his name should be). I followed the sound and found him, stuck behind the shed. With Roz’s help we pulled poor Baa out. As you can imagine, he was very frightened and dusty but safe and we were all so happy to be together again.

After a wash and a drink, Little Ted thought it would be a good idea to have one of our stories from the bible and Roz had just the one all about a flock of sheep, in fact, one hundred. It was Jesus who told the story about a shepherd who looked after his flock, he took good care of them by finding the best grass for them to eat and water to drink. Each morning the shepherd had to count his sheep and one day he found there was one missing. He set off to find the lost sheep, he looked on the top of the hill, down in the valley, in the forest, in caves and even by the big lake and at last heard a noise…baa… and there was the lost sheep, stuck in some brambles under a rock. The shepherd pulled him out, pic

ked off the prickles in his woolly coat and hugged him and guided him back to the flock.
Jesus’s stories always have something to tell us, He wants us to know that if we are in trouble or do the wrong things God will still love us, He doesn’t want us to be lost and unhappy.
We sung a popular nursery rhyme, can you guess what it was? It was baa, baa black sheep but with a difference to illustrate our story…baa, baa lost sheep…then – baa, baa found sheep!
Little Ted and Baa were thinking so much about their adventure in the garden that they found it hard to sleep at bedtime and I suggested they count sheep, starting with number one and they were asleep long before they had reached one hundred.

Our Harvest box of baby food was put on the altar steps at our Harvest Festival service which was taken to the local food bank along with all the many other donations.

We look forward to meeting you all again in church on the 7th November, 1.30 pm, new members very welcome. 
























No meeting in August but a very special one on 6th September as we say farewell to Bob. Not only is he good at prayers but he is our Chief Rocker of Babies.  Although some schools are starting their new term during that week, the times may be staggered so perhaps some of our past members may be able to come with their mums so we can say the biggest  A…M…E…N    —   EVER!



…to send him on his way in our special style !






 Some phfullsizerender-3otos of Teddy Edward and friends old and young !