Teddy Edward Club

………is for Parents/Grandparents or carers with babies and toddlers run by members of our Mothers’ Union Branch at Pakefield. We meet with Teddy Edward on the 1st Wednesday of the month in church, from 1.30-3.00pm. We have a story from the Bible, sing some songs, play with toys and whizz around on the trikes! We enjoy snacks and the adults have a cup of tea or coffee.


Roz was talking about Harvest Festival when we met on the 5th September and I’m Teddy Edward, here to tell you all about it. It was a special meeting as the school term had not started so we had quite a few past Edwardian members. Katie’s sister had started school so it was down to her to tell us about her new baby brother born a few weeks ago, his name is Luca and we hope to see him very soon!

Harvest is when we thank God for all the wonderful and varied food we have to eat – especially ice cream – (whispered Little Ted) but what about people who have very little we thought and this led us to a story in the bible which Jesus told.

Jesus had been with his disciples and had been speaking to a large crowd for some time and soon it was late in the evening and everyone was hungry. A little boy had a basket of five loaves and two fishes but that was all and the disciples wondered how they could possibly feed all these people as well as themselves. Jesus asked that the food be brought to him and soon there were baskets full of food to feed the multitude with some spare. Jesus was saying to share our food with others who have very little and Harvest is a good time to do so on a large scale.
Roz had hidden jars of baby food for members to find and these were put into a pretty box. Bea will take them to church on Harvest Festival Sunday and the children there can put the box to the altar steps and thence to the Food Bank.

The hymns were about loaves (or, rather, currant buns in a baker’s shop..) and a fish which bit our finger so… We made a happy noise with our musical instruments after which it was biscuit time and riding our bikes and scooters.

We meet again on the 10th October (MU members are away at Norwich Cathedral on the 3rd) to hear more stories and meet with our friends. Until then, Little Ted, our helpers and me, Teddy Edward, look forward to our next meeting here at church, 1.30 pm, All Saints’ and St Margaret’s, Pakefield – ALL WELCOME.
























No meeting in August but a very special one on 6th September as we say farewell to Bob. Not only is he good at prayers but he is our Chief Rocker of Babies.  Although some schools are starting their new term during that week, the times may be staggered so perhaps some of our past members may be able to come with their mums so we can say the biggest  A…M…E…N    —   EVER!



…to send him on his way in our special style !






 Some phfullsizerender-3otos of Teddy Edward and friends old and young !