Teddy Edward Club

………is for Parents/Grandparents or carers with babies and toddlers run by members of our Mothers’ Union Branch at Pakefield. We meet with Teddy Edward on the 1st Wednesday of the month in church, from 1.30-3.00pm. We have a story from the Bible, sing some songs, play with toys and whizz around on the trikes! We enjoy snacks and the adults have a cup of tea or coffee.


At our meeting on the 4th July, Roz welcomed members and their mums and asked if anyone had managed to come to the Church Fete. Roz and Sheila were kept very busy registering the teddies ready to plunge off the church tower wearing a parachute. I got a very sore paw signing all the certificates for those who took part. Little Ted really wanted to jump as well but when he looked at the tower he thought how high it seemed and felt very frightened. I told him if he would really like to have a go then I would be with him and keep him safe. Roz managed to tie Little Ted to me, Chrissie and Christine fastened the parachute and we were then put in the bag and hauled up and up to the top of the tower. Little Ted was so afraid he shut his eyes tight, I told him I would hug him and keep him safe so he opened his eyes and saw an amazing sight, he could see all over Pakefield and the sea too. Gareth sent us over the tower and, before we knew it, we were gently floating down to earth.

Whilst waiting to get our certificate, I reminded Little Ted of the story in the bible when the friends of Jesus were very afraid. Jesus had been in a boat telling the people of God’s love for them. It got late and Jesus was very tired and he asked his friends to sail him over to the other side of the lake where it was quiet. He soon settled down and fell fast asleep. Whilst they were sailing, a huge storm started and the wind blew (we all blew like the wind) and the waves started splashing over the boat. The boat looked like it would sink which made the friends so afraid that they woke Jesus up who reassured them that there was nothing to be afraid of and said to the wind “STOP” and it did. Then he said to the waves “STOP” and they did. Jesus said ‘don’t be afraid, you are safe with me’. Jesus wants us all to know that if we trust and love Him we will be safe and will be helped through all our worries and troubles.

Simon led us in singing songs about flying, driving, rowing and the weather and we all helped by playing our musical instruments. We were able to sing our happy birthday song to Roz and extra loudly to Teddy and Jude’s big sister who was at school Then it was time for biscuits, drinks and playing on all the toys and riding bikes.
Roz wished members a very happy holiday with a reminder that there will not be a meeting in August but we look forward to meeting again on WEDNESDAY 5th SEPTEMBER, 13.30 at Pakefield Church when once again we will be hearing bible stories and having lots of fun with music, toys and bikes. Until then, this is Teddy Edward, your reporter, signing off until next time.
























No meeting in August but a very special one on 6th September as we say farewell to Bob. Not only is he good at prayers but he is our Chief Rocker of Babies.  Although some schools are starting their new term during that week, the times may be staggered so perhaps some of our past members may be able to come with their mums so we can say the biggest  A…M…E…N    —   EVER!



…to send him on his way in our special style !






 Some phfullsizerender-3otos of Teddy Edward and friends old and young !