Messy Church

Messy Church is a monthly time of getting messy, and making crafts while learning and exploring more about Jesus and God’s love for us. We have a different theme each time, we sing action songs, hear God’s word from the Bible and pray together. And our popular puppets always make an appearance to sing a song!  

Messy Church


Our Messy Church this month was entitled ‘The Fathers Love’. With Father’s Day the following weekend it seemed an appropriate choice! I wondered if the children had ever thought about God as their heavenly Father? It was an alien concept to some. We talked about the Lord’s prayer and how we pray to God our Father … also how we sing about God as our Father. Had they ever realised that it is the truth!

Keeping in mind that children and adults all have varying relationships with their earthly fathers, we made sure that the afternoon was filled with the fact that God loves everybody. That God’s love is unconditional, and eternal.

Our talk asked, what makes a good parent? We had some brilliant answers! For example, ” a Dad who is generous, like getting me the things I really want!” “Ones who clear up our mess!” ” My Dad reads me stories!” “my Dad tries to cook, but my mums better at it!” “my Dad lets me fix things with his tools!” My Grandad is always silly, he makes me laugh!”

One thing struck me, many of the answers involved the parent spending time with the child. Whether it was taking them to the park, walking the dog on the beach, or playing on the Xbox, the children loved doing those things with their parent. It wasn’t about material things (mainly!) but about personal contact and having a relationship based on love.

What better way to describe how God longs for our relationships to be with him. We have to keep that contact with God, in our everyday lives and in our prayers. Then we can truly understand his fatherly love for us.

Crafts ranged from Father’s Day cards to designing our own human! If God told us to design a human being what would you make sure they had? We enjoyed those very much. The big make was a tissue paper prayer. Each colour represented a different ingredient to make the perfect father. Red was loving, green was generous. The children choose what they thought was the most important and added some on to our collage. A very colourful FATHER creation can still be seen at the front of church, take a look.

Our main song came from ‘The Greatest Showman’, entitled “This is me”. The children loved it and happily sang into the microphone as I passed it round. It is a ‘good feeling’ song, but my message was that God created you just as you are.

And to him you are perfect. So, when you hear this song shout, “THIS IS ME” and be proud of who you are. You are God’s child. and he loves you.

Thank you as ever to our wonderful team of helpers. We may have been thin on the ground this month, but God’s grace ensured another brilliant Messy Church. Next Month’s Messy Church is a Summer Special so be sure to pop it on your calendars! ….. July 12th

God Bless
Katey x