Messy Church

Messy Church is a monthly time of getting messy, and making crafts while learning and exploring more about Jesus and God’s love for us. We have a different theme each time, we sing action songs, hear God’s word from the Bible and pray together. And our popular puppets always make an appearance to sing a song!  

Messy Church


This months Messy Church was BRILLIANT! The sun shone, the families came, we played. we sang, we danced. We made fabulous rainbow snacks and drank amazingly tasty ‘mocktails’.

The theme was ‘Holidays’ and with the children already excited by the prospect of the school holidays, the atmosphere was electric. To start we had parachute games, hoops, balls and sand play. The adults camped out on the field, whilst the children could just run around and feel free. It really was a treat being able to make the full use of the facilities the church hall has to offer. After numerous games of cat and mouse, and after every last play ball had been bounced off the parachute, we turned our attention to our topic. Who was going on holiday? Where were they going, how would they get there? The message was that no matter where we are in the world, God is with us. God always knows where we are, and what we need.

The biggest excitement came with the mention of water balloons! The goal was to throw the water balloons into the colander, which was on my head!! As you can imagine the children (and adults) were keen to do this challenge.
I am not one to hog all the fun, so it was suggested that Russell had a turn too!! We may have helped the children with their aims a little! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and the children were elated to soak us!!

We had three activities inside the hall. Rainbow skewers were popular, with bowls of different fruits for the children to choose from. Then the mocktails with each juice representing a different ingredient. The children had to decide what they needed more of. For example, one was Loving, another was truthfulness. There were numerous ones to choose from and it brought about some good discussions. Our big make was a beach scene where the children could add what they would like to see when they go down the beach. What did they think was important?

Picnic rugs laid out, and rolls filled, meant it was time for our picnic tea! What a treat to see everybody sat around together sharing a meal in the sunshine. The children could eat their rainbow skewers, as well as a variety of picnic treats prepared by our wonderful catering team.

It was especially nice to have our new Reverend Sharon, and her husband Russell join us for the fun … The children were keen to meet our new vicar, which just added to the excitement!! We finished with our Messy church prayers and prayed that God would be with us all, throughout the Holidays and beyond.

Thank you so much to the Messy Church team for all that you do. See you again as the new Autumn term approaches.

Have a wonderful, safe and happy summer.

God Bless Katey x