Messy Church

Messy Church is a monthly time of getting messy, and making crafts while learning and exploring more about Jesus and God’s love for us. We have a different theme each time, we sing action songs, hear God’s word from the Bible and pray together. And our popular puppets always make an appearance to sing a song!

During the Easter Holidays we held a 2-hour Messy Easter! This involved lots of crafts, action songs, games and a chance to hear about how Easter means new life to us in church.

We talked about what signs of spring we had seen. Some of the children had seen new lambs, others said about the spring flowers. We talked about the warmer days and the birds busy in the garden, and then we said about the fact that God is always a part of these things. God brings new life at spring time and we get to enjoy it. Jesus died on the cross just a couple of weeks before, and the fun of Easter had almost past, and yet it was so important to talk about the New Life … it’s the answer to the question ‘what happened next?’

Jesus brought new life, God creates new life, then and now and always. The thrill of Easter never needs to fade, and that was an important message to get across at Messy Easter. We explored this in the crafts too. So, we had some beautiful flowers to pot. Each child wrote their prayer on the cardboard pot so that, when planted in the ground, the plant can grow with the help of the prayers surrounding it. Just as we grow with God’s love surrounding us. Making caterpillars that turned into butterflies was fun, and we had a story of a little caterpillar who became more than he ever imagined! There was Easter sticking, colouring, and ‘forever flowers’ to make. These were lilies made from pipe cleaners and handprints. Our big make was a beautiful butterfly made from different coloured crepe paper. It looked amazing and Phoebe, Gracie and Oakley were happy to hold it high to show everybody at the end!

As there was no meal this time, we had tea and cake! This went down very well! There were 50 children at Messy Easter each accompanied by an adult, and the atmosphere in the church was amazing. So many new faces, all hearing about God’s love for every one of us.

Thank you so much to all who make Messy Church happen. We look forward to seeing you all again next month as we return to our normal time slot and setup. Thursday 10th May after school – 5.30. With a dinner included.

May God bless you all this springtime and always…………Katey x

Children and Families Worker at Pakefield Church.


Messy Church