Messy Church

Messy Church is a monthly time of getting messy, and making crafts while learning and exploring more about Jesus and God’s love for us. We have a different theme each time, we sing action songs, hear God’s word from the Bible and pray together. And our popular puppets always make an appearance to sing a song!  

Messy Church


Wowsers what an awesome Messy Church we had this month. With so many families coming for the first time, and lots of our lovely regulars, the church was buzzing! With Halloween close on the horizon it was important that our theme was light. Specifically, Jesus as the light of the world.

We began the fun with an action song, followed by a chat about the dark. Who likes the dark? Who is a bit afraid of the dark? Indulging slightly, I told the children about one of my favourite books as a child. It is about a barn owl called Plop, who was afraid of the dark. His long-suffering parents told him to find out more about the dark, and so he ventures from the safety of his nest hole to meet some locals. I then asked the children what we could only see when it is dark. Stars, the moon and fireworks were amongst the answers, all shining brightly in the nights sky. Which of course led on nicely to the light of Christ shining in the darkness. Like Plop, when we learn a bit more about something that we are afraid or unsure of, we realise that it isn’t so bad after all. That Jesus is with us in all the dark places. Dark can be fun and exciting, as long as Jesus light is shining through the darkness and showing us the way.

I spoke to several children about the light parties we have with the CYM children, and how we celebrate the light in the world instead of the dark and scary parts of Halloween. The crafts were lots of fun with Leaf lanterns and Light sticks, ribbons and sparkles all over the place! The children wrote their names on a candle cut out and choose a part of the world to pray for. The world map is hanging in church, so do have a look. It was interesting which places the children choose. We had a joyful Pumpkin, which the children wrote on, and some large stones were decorated with things that give us light. Candles were lit, games were played, puppets performed, and prayers were said.

As we finished our time in church, the families lined up with their light sticks, glow bands and lanterns, and we all paraded to the hall singing “this little light of mine” over and over! We enjoyed a scrummy tea of jacket potatoes and choc ices before time for home.

Thank you so, much to all who came along, and to all the wonderful volunteers … Next month is our FIRST EVER Messy Baptism! November 8th.

See you there! God Bless, Katey xxx